Which Direction? Ltd or Sole?: Update

Limited Company or Sole Trader

We previously discussed the differences between a limited company and a sole trader business in this blog. We went over the advantages and disadvantages of each to help readers decide which would be best for their business. Unfortunately new rules coming into place from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) have drastically changed the dynamic from […]

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Cars in the Business: Company Cars

In a previous blog we have talked about how you can use your own car for your business. If your business is a limited company then it can own a car that you can use for the business, which is known as a company car. How a company car affects the company From the company’s point […]

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Drawing Money from your Company: Directo...

In previous blog posts we have mentioned how to draw money from your limited company through dividends and wages. If you draw money from your company without following the rules for dividends or wages you may have taken a director’s loan. What is a director’s loan? Most limited companies will have a director’s loan account […]

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Drawing Money from your Company: Wages

Drawing Company Wages

It’s one thing to have a successful business that is making money, but how would you go about taking your profit so that you can use the money for personal expenses or investments? With a sole trader business it’s easy, as you are the one earning the money it is yours to spend how you […]

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